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Wessex AR Rotary Mower 1.2m 12.5hp

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Wessex AR rotary mowers are the first choice for paddock topping & maintaining regularly mown grass areas. Well suited to general pasture topping or fine turf work, Wessex AR’s are popular on farms, studs and private estates, and will complement an ATV, utility vehicle or 4 x 4. Available in 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m working widths, & with a variety of engine sizes, the AR Series rotaries are robust and durable machines ideally suited to private estates, farms, and studs. Standard machines are fitted with side mounted wheels, which allow ground contours to be followed accurately without scalping. However, if a machine is required to mow close to borders and fences etc, the optional rear wheel configuration is available on the 1.2m and 1.5m models only. With wheels behind the machine, the weight on the ball hitch is greatly increased, therefore when using a rear wheeled machine, the towing vehicle must have adequate weight capacity on the draw bar. If the towing vehicle has inadequate drawbar capacity, the third wheel option is available. The entire weight of the machine is now on its own wheels and the drawbar is floating.

Wessex LR150 Land Roller

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Wessex Country land rollers are perfect for maintenance of lawns, paddocks and pitches. Whether you tow them behind a compact tractor, a 4×4 or an ATV, Country land rollers will provide the perfect finish. Need more weight? ;No problem – just add water and with choice of clevis or ball hitch, you’re ready to roll!

C-Dax QuickSmart™ Attachment Upright Mounts for Booms

£30.00 Plus vat

The QuickSmart™ Attachment Upright Mounts for Booms allows you to easy attach your C-Dax boom to your QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame on your ATV. No more nuts, bolts or spanners—interchange your implements in seconds.

Model: (81779)
Part No. 1074

Enduraspray Spray Boom Mounting Kit

£40.00 Plus vat

Suitable for use with the Enduraspray Versatile Spray Boom and Budget Spray Boom.

Enduraspray 2 Metre – 17 Metre Boomless Nozzles

£55.00 Plus vat

Boomless nozzles can be fitted to any sprayer with a pump large enough to operate it.

It is ideal for use in areas where there are object that need to be sprayed around but cannot be move.

C-Dax QuickSmart Attachment Upright Mounts for Spreaders

£60.00 Plus vat

The QuickSmart™ Attachment Upright Mounts for Spreaders allows you to easy attach your SpreadMaster or SlugMaster spreader to your QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame on your ATV or RTV. No more nuts, bolts or spanners—interchange your implements in seconds.

Model: a (81066)
Part No. 3008

ATV Front Dry Box

£85.00 Plus vat

All-Terrain Vehicles are a boon to the busy farmer, but add some Wydale ATV carriers and you can change your workhorse into a packhorse in less than a minute.

The carriers have been specifically designed to give the ATV user a choice of robust and versatile load carriers for all year-round work on farms, golf courses and forests – in fact any job that you can do with an ATV can now be made easier, safer and quicker using these carriers.

All the carriers are one-piece moulded in rugged polyethylene making them rustproof, waterproof and maintenance free.

A practical design.

  • A tough construction for longer life.
  • Great value for money.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Proven Wydale quick attachment system.

The Wydale Dry Box is designed to fit on the front frame of larger bikes or on the rear frame of bikes under 250cc. It is quick & easy to remove and is ideal for keeping your tools dry. It is maintenance free, practical, durable and great value for money. Corner upstands will support a bale of hay.

Complete with 12 Month “No Quibble” Guarantee

Enduraspray 1.5 Metre Spray Boom

£90.00 Plus vat

This budget boom is designed to fit directly to the front or rear of any ATV rack.

Fimco ATV BK-200-QR Boom Kit

£97.50 Plus vat


2-Nozzle Boom

80″ Spray Coverage

Minimum Pump Requirement

– 1.0 G.P.M.