Chapman Machinery MF350 UTV Mounted Feeder

£1,550.00 Plus vat

The MF350 UTV Mounted Feeder is a brand new 300L capacity spaced drop feeder, designed for UTV bed use rather than being a towed machine. Weighing in at 90kg empty and with most UTV’s having a 450kg load limit, this allows up to 350kg of feed to be carried and metered out in drops of variable from 0.5kg to 2kg.

Developed utilising the same metering system as our TF350 Trailed Feeder, the Mf350 Mounted Feeder has been designed for UTV and 4×4 pickup bed mounting, to enable easy feeding of sheep and cattle for users who run a UTV.

One of the main advantages of the mounted machines over the towed machines are the ability to carry a feeder and run a nurse trailer at the same time, so that ewes struggling around lambing time can be brought back to the farm for further care easily. Using the full width of the bed enables the unit to have a low fill height and affords the operator good rearward visibility from the cab.

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