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Wessex AR Rotary Mower 1.2m 12.5hp

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Wessex AR rotary mowers are the first choice for paddock topping & maintaining regularly mown grass areas. Well suited to general pasture topping or fine turf work, Wessex AR’s are popular on farms, studs and private estates, and will complement an ATV, utility vehicle or 4 x 4. Available in 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m working widths, & with a variety of engine sizes, the AR Series rotaries are robust and durable machines ideally suited to private estates, farms, and studs. Standard machines are fitted with side mounted wheels, which allow ground contours to be followed accurately without scalping. However, if a machine is required to mow close to borders and fences etc, the optional rear wheel configuration is available on the 1.2m and 1.5m models only. With wheels behind the machine, the weight on the ball hitch is greatly increased, therefore when using a rear wheeled machine, the towing vehicle must have adequate weight capacity on the draw bar. If the towing vehicle has inadequate drawbar capacity, the third wheel option is available. The entire weight of the machine is now on its own wheels and the drawbar is floating.

AT-110 Rotary Topper 1.1m 12.5 hp

£2,400.00 Plus vat
  • Cutting width 1.1m
  • Overall width 1.45m
  • Cutting height range 50-160mm
  • Weight 128kg
  • Engine 12.5hp B&S
  • STURDY DECK FABRICATION – Shot-blasted and powder coated for durability
  • 12.5HP BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE – Powerful, easy to start engine
  • THROTTLE LEVER – Clips on to ATV rack for user convenience
  • DRAWBAR CAN BE OFFSET TO EITHER SIDE – Cut outside of the quad wheelings
  • ADJUSTABLE DRAWBAR – Levels the machine for an even cut
  • 13 X 5.00-6 TYRES
  • SIMPLE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – The AT-110 comes with a simple height-adjustment lifting device. This allows the operator to lift one side of the machine with their foot, leaving both hands free to reposition the wheels to the desired cutting height and secure with a pin.
  • CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH – Allows the blade to be engaged / disengaged from the seat

Logic Rotary Mower / Topper 1.2m12.5hp

£2,995.00 Plus vat

See description for full features.

Chapman Machinery RM Rotary Topper 13hp

£3,000.00 Plus vat

The RM Rotary Paddock Toppers are the ideal machine for maintenance of fields and paddocks, as well as large gardens and parkland. Simple to use yet robust, the heavy duty cutting blades give a clean cut, specifically designed to allow for better ‘lift’ to cut thick or wet grass with ease. Proudly manufactured in the UK for the highest product quality and sales support.